Encouragement for Fellow Moms


Photo 8

My life is so messy, just like my kitchen.

And so wonderful.

Did I mention that my house is messy?  I mean, just look at those counters and that kitchen table.

No shame in this game. Looking for the perfect blogger? You won’t find her here.

I’ve been working hard these days in the office and squeezing in time to run and write and oh yeah, be a momma and wife. Sometimes that leaves very little opportunity to scrub dishes and we eat frozen pizza for dinner on Thursday night. Harry asks if it’s Friday because that’s usually when the pizza comes out, at the end of the week when I’m practically comatose.

Anyway, fellow mommas. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are doing a great job, even if you have messy counters and unbrushed hair and your babes are eating slices of pizza. You’re more together than you think you are and you are doing important, valuable work simply by breathing.

And hey! tomorrow is Friday! We’ve almost made it through another week!

Photo 9

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