Everyone Needs a Toddler Free Night

I love them but...

I love my kids!  They are great… hysterical, and of course they come out with some of the most hysterical shit. No joke!

But there comes a time where a parents sanity is in question, and a night out is in order. Whether it is as a couple to focus on your relationship, or a night out with the girls. Both of which I personally love!

But it seems like no matter how many times I talk about this with other moms, someone always has something to say.  No, I do not have to have these nights, no, I do not hate my children… and no there is nothing wrong with taking time to focus on yourself!

It works for me, it helps me become refreshed as a mother… it is almost like my patience are instantly refreshed after being away from the kids for an hour. It works wonders for being a good mom.

I know that it doesn’t work for all parents, and I think it is really important for all of us to refresh somehow, so I am interested in seeing how other parents re-charge themselves up!

How do you re-charge?


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