Facetime and the Toddler


facetime and the toddlerOh Izaiah. Our 3-year-old is always full of adventures. This evening while cooking dinner, I hear him yelling for his brother and sister upstairs.  They are downstairs ignoring him, watching a show. The yelling turns to screaming, and this is where I step in.  I go to our foyer and ask “what’s the matter?”


And then I hear a man’s laughter. Okay, this is awkward.

He runs down the stairs (thankfully he had on underwear) and he has his iPad. He had opened up Facetime and called my daughter’s friend. The problem is that my daughter’s friend doesn’t have an iPhone – it was her dad’s phone. So this man answers the Facetime call to a little boy who is freaking out that the person on the iPad wasn’t his Aunt Nie Nie , mom or his dad (the people he usually Facetime’s with, with the help of a sibling or adult.) Fortunately my daughter’s friend’s dad was off of work and has a great sense of humor.

Oh the adventures with this kid, he makes life interesting.

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