First Kisses


Mazzy had her very first kiss on Saturday. Well, she has attempted to kiss other kids before and other kids have attempted to kiss her before, but this was the first time a true reciprocal kiss was exchanged.

Do you see the dual pucker pictured left??

The kiss was between her and her friend Lucas, after a brunch of pancakes and hash browns and it was ADORABLE. They played, then danced, then held hands and then finally kissed in true courtship fashion.

Of course, my husband eyed Lucas suspiciously and wondered at what age it’s appropriate to intervene.

In the meantime, all parents involved snapped tons of pictures.

Right now, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I am asking people to post pictures of their babies/toddlers kissing on my facebook fanpage. So far, each one is more adorable than the next.

I’ll be captioning them all on Friday on my blog Mommy Shorts.

Please post your pictures here!