From a Toddler's Perspective: Is There an App for That?!

It’s days like these that I am extremely grateful for our iPhone. Yea, I said it. I know we are extremely lucky to even have it on our radar, on our list of things to be grateful for. Because really. It’s a little gauche-bourgeois these things we proclaim to covet so, no?

But still, we do. For the obvious, winning reasons.

We try to minimize our little man’s (Abby’s not into the scene yet), time in the land of technological geekery.

But I’m not all up in arms about it. What I like even more, in no particular order (and excluding many others) are; Free Things (of quality), Disney and apps.

Straight up.

Love the term, ‘there’s an app for that’.

I’m addicted to photography apps for myself. The mister and I are both tech geeks. So obviously the offspring have caught on.

We choose the apps that he plays with (for now) and there’s no T.V. waste-land, zombie state action going on. Sure, he’s zoned out occasionally, but to THE coolest stuff I tell you. The apps out there for toddlers? Y’all know they are brilliant right? Having your tot schooling you faster than you can scuttle them outside.

Because of course we do that too.

Like I said. I’ve been on my own around here (otherwise known as parenting waste-land) the past few days and if you clicked that link up there then you’ll know that Wyndham’s tech time is not as slated/minimal as it usually is.

There are very few TV characters that have stolen my little guys heart (because we actually watch very little of it). So it should be of no surprise that most of them are heavy hitters from the land of Disney. Because it’s Disney people. Without getting into all of the hoopla that it is to be a Disney princess, or fan of the Disney princess(es) – because I DO have quite a few thoughts on those…Disney; for the overwhelming most part, is pure awesome-saucery in my books.

Back to those characters.

Back to the FREE STUFF. Actual GOOD free stuff. Did I forget to mention that part?

When I heard that  the Jake’s Never Land Pirate School app was free for the hook ups, I motored on over to check it out. One glance had me knowing Wyndam would love it. He’s getting more independent every day and gobbles up any and all opportunities to problem solve and figure stuff out on his own. In Wyndham-speak this is known as, ‘No! I do it! I do DAT!’

His eyes get big and wild with satisfaction and his imagination goes gangbusters. Because he’s a pirate. (Well, really Jake is, but according to Wyndham, that’s him). The visual and vocal prompts are perfect in aiding him along the way to becoming a master pirate, without any help from me. The pride with which he bellows, ‘I did it! I do de maze! I sail da boot!’ Makes my (mostly) knotted and worn old heart smooth out, swell and ooze like a s’more. He especially lost his toddler sh*t when I uploaded a picture of his face into the game. BONANZA.

Then there’s the part about how my little man loves him some Mickey Mouse. He is perplexed and dazzled and in awe of the mouse. That’s the only way to describe it. He who sings and dances with such reverie and glee? Pure gold to my guy. I don’t even know how he discovered Mickey. I was all Lion KING this and Finding Nemo that, when first introducing Disney mastery to him. One day he just started talking about Mickey, and then I got him these soft Mickey Mouse flannel pj’s for Christmas and it was over. He wanted to know what this Mouse was about, so I was all Fantasia. Go old school first I always say.

Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally interactive “app-isode” for iPad is a treat I’m saving for tomorrow. While we don’t own an iPad, we have one on loan to us for a few days and I’m pretty sure the heavens are going to open up – Toddler-Style – when Wyndham discovers the counting and memory games (specifically); given that he is entangled in a hard-core love affair with letters and numbers right now.That and he’ll get to meet some new Clubhouse characters. All toddler-bliss-worthy stuff right there.

Since we’re Canadian, the Disney channel is hard to come by unless we want to shell out some major coin. I’ve got to say, someone was a very clever so and so at Disney Junior when they decided to offer full-length episodes of their popular shows available online for…FREE!  You can hook that action up right here (U.S. only) and via the Disney Junior WATCH app (Hurrah for the True North!) on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Either way you need to be a Comcast subscriber to get the full selection of shows. Or contact your cable provider to ask for the service via the website or the app. That’s what we plan on doing. Because Disney shows. On the ‘ole iPhone. Hello early mornings.

Join us August 8th at 9 PM EST for a Disney Junior Twitter party! You could totally win an iPad. RSVP at and use the nifty hashtags #spon and #mackidtips

A big thanks to Disney Junior for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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