Fun Toddler Activity - Photo Booth


Ever been in a situation where you had a few minutes to spare, or just needed to entertain your kids for a little while, but you didn’t want to pull out toys and make a big mess?

My kiddos have discovered Photo Booth on my computer, and not only does it keep them entertained for a good 15-20 minutes, or more, but some of the pictures they take are absolutely hilarious.  It’s so fun when you’re taking pictures to see how they turn out, but it’s also fun to go back and look through all of the funny pictures that you’ve taken over time. 

You can get the whole family involved too.  Some of the funniest and best pictures are taken with a lot of people in them. And you will laugh even harder at each other!

So, if you have a Mac or iPad, turn on Photo Booth, let your kids go to town, and crack yourselves up!

Here are a few funny pictures from our Photo Booth shoots.

  • Buldging Eye 1 of 6
    Buldging Eye
  • Square Face 2 of 6
    Square Face
  • Cool Effects 3 of 6
    Cool Effects
  • Just Being Goofy 4 of 6
    Just Being Goofy
  • Colorful 5 of 6
  • Squished 6 of 6

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