Gearing Up For Summer Bike Riding!

Don’t be fooled by the serious face — he loved it!

Back in March, we traveled to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina for a week-long family reunion and memorial. While we were there, in addition to plenty of sandy beach time, we also enjoyed afternoons out on the bike trail. It was Cullen’s first time in a bike seat, and he ended up loving it. I vowed that at the start of summer, we’d look into getting a bike seat of our own back home in Seattle, so we can enjoy some family rides on the local trails.

Well, summer is here and we are ready to ride! Only one thing is missing—the bike seat. I’ve been researching and comparing models online, and it seems like there are endless options. At this point, I know we are looking at getting a bike seat rather than a pull-behind trailer. There are varying thoughts on this, but for our purposes the seat feels safer than a separate unit. I also don’t think he’ll like the enclosed, isolated feel of the trailer especially given his history of rejecting strollers.

It seems like there is a big range in price and quality of bike seats, as there is with most baby-related products. I’m currently considering a few different models. Features that are important to us are safety (obviously), user ratings, adjust-ability, weight limits, and bicycle compatibility. Last but not least, of course we need an adorable toddler helmet!

One complication to all of this of course, is that I am pregnant (and bike riding is not recommended during pregnancy). But our plan to put the seat on my husband’s bike, as he’ll have a more consistent center of gravity, and he’s probably a better rider anyway. I’m not that big yet (22 weeks now!) and I still feel comfortable riding in my current state. We’ll see how this progresses through the summer. We’re really just looking to do some fun family rides on trails, no serious street biking or anything long or strenuous.

Do any of you have seats you can recommend (or NOT recommend!)?  We are hoping to get out for our inaugural summer ride in the next weekend or so.  I can’t wait to fill up a bag and picnic to the beach!