Getting Out The Door Without Leaving Destruction In Your Wake


We have nicknames for our children.  And no, they’re not the nice, sweet pet names that so many parents give their kids.  Ours are: Sister the Resister, and Brother the Destructor.

My daughter is about the strongest-willed, most spirited child,  I have ever seen, and she resists authority in just about every way possible.

My son leaves destruction in his wake – dumping toys out of bins, knocking every book off the shelf, pulling stuff out of drawers, and throwing stuff, everywhere.

Needless to say, sometimes getting out the door to go somewhere can turn into a major struggle at our house.

Between trying to corral the kids and get them to get dressed and ready to go, while at the same time trying to keep them from making the house look like the Tasmanian devil tore through it, usually means something has to give.  And because we usually have to go wherever we’re trying to go, we can’t just stay home, so just getting out the door wins over trying to keep the house in order while we’re trying to leave.

So, I’m looking for some advice, tips or tricks to help me out.  How do you get your kiddos out the door without leaving a disaster to come home to?

Photo source: {N}Duran

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