Halloween Costumes WILL Be the Death of Me!

Clown this week!

Yes, lots of Halloween themed posts this week because my toddlers are completely obsessed with it!

I cannot get away from it no matter where I turn. My oldest son decided he wanted to be a fireman, just like he was last year, and of course all year long. I suggested he be something different because of course he should be costing me another $50 on a costume this Halloween right?

Yup! I am the only parent that encourages their child to get a new costume apparently. Anyway!

He decided he wanted to be a cow. So I searched high and low for a freaking cow costume. Every online website, every local Halloween costume store… nothing that he liked. Then I found it on pottery barn kids online, and it was on sale!

I was so excited until he woke up the next morning no longer wanting to be a cow. FAIL!  I should have just ordered the costume when he decided on it!

As you can see by the above picture, he is not a fireman or a cow, but a circus clown.  At least he finally decided!  Oh wait! You mean the next morning after we wore the costume he decided he wanted to be a cow again? DRIVE.ME.CRAZY!

Don’t even get me started on the two-year-old either. I have gone through Scooby Doo, Elmo, a Piggy, and a fireman.  Of course when we got him the Elmo costume, he absolutely refused to wear it or keep it on.

This past Friday night we went to a kids Halloween event at our local elementary school which our oldest will attend next fall and he stripped his costume off not once, not twice, but three times before I just put his jacket on him and called it a day.  I almost shed a tear it broke my heart.

Please Moms!  Tell me I am NOT the only one going through this because I need some comfort at this point.
I am totally losing the Halloween costume battle!


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