Our Halloween Morning: Hype the Day


I’ve learned a thing or two from last Halloween. My DIY costume aspirations don’t always happen as planned and toddlers (mostly) are freaked out by the holiday. Mine (Wyndham) certainly was. Abby was just a bitty baby then, so she wasn’t really aware of all the scary costumes and haunted houses on our little trick or treat tour around our cul de sac.

Last year I did a couple of felt crafts with him during Halloween week, but didn’t really hype it all that much. This year there has been books, songs, LOTS of crafting and Halloween themed activities over the past couple of weeks. Daycare has basically barfed Halloween, so my little dude has that going for him too. Today, I suppose one could say I’m spoiling them with some ghoulish, healthy (ish) toddler-finger foods and treats for an early dinner and dessert with pals, in lieu of the fact that they won’t be collecting much candy.

I know. Mean, mean mommy. This morning my meanness started with making theses spooktacular pancakes, (which, admittedly, I had far too much fun making) with the help of my favourite sous chef, and you know what? I think I could really get into this mothering thing. Might as well right?

Wyndham demolishing skeletons, pumpkins and cats coming up – (Abby didn’t care what they looked like, she just wanted the pancakes)…

















In case you are curious, we made the pancakes using light spelt flour and the faces are made by way of snipping dried cherries into the shapes I was going for. So easy. SO well-received. Wyndham was so proud of what he helped make and marveled at this new faces on food concept. I’m telling ya, if you have a picky eater? THIS WORKS.

What food and activities have you been/will you be doing today with your toddlers?


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