Happy Halloween from Mickey Mouse (PHOTOS)

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll

It shouldn’t have taken me nearly as long as it did to decide on a costume for my little Peony, 1. I mean, it took me a ridiculous amount of time. For a while I thought she might be an owl, mostly because my older daughter can say it in Spanish she kept insisting Peony would (A) look cute as a lechuza, and (B) be sufficiently annoyed by wearing an owl hat on her head.

But the owl costumes I found were inanely expensive, and none of them came with arms or legs, which means she’d be cold (and, you know, annoyed). I shunned anything with wings or a tiara, as I am well aware there will be plenty of time for that once she actually knows from thrones and scepters.

I considered dressing her as a sailor and sticking a Budweiser label on her sippy cup, as she walks like she’s either seasick or had a few too many. She would have rocked a Frankenstein costume a few months ago, but she no longer staggers exactly like a zombie.

My older daughter declared her intention to be Minnie Mouse, and then a friend produced a toddler-sized Mickey Mouse costume. I don’t want to say Peony is the cutest Mickey Mouse ever, but then again, I don’t really have to, do I?

Here are a few shots from her music class this week, where all of the toddlers were encouraged to dress like it was already Oct. 31:

  • Mickey and the Shaker Eggs 1 of 10
    Mickey and the Shaker Eggs
    One for you, the rest for M-I-C-K-E-Y.
  • Introducing . . . MINNIE 2 of 10
    Introducing . . . MINNIE
    Princess Minnie, that is.
  • Mickey and the Scarves 3 of 10
    Mickey and the Scarves
    Dancing is that much more fun when done with scarves.
  • Mickey and Minnie 4 of 10
    Mickey and Minnie
    But it's even more fun to dance with Minnie.
  • Mickey and the Ball 5 of 10
    Mickey and the Ball
    Having a ball with a ball.
  • Mickey and the Chicken 6 of 10
    Mickey and the Chicken
    They might not hang in real life, but in the Halloween music class, all species are friends.
  • Mickey Shakes a Leg 7 of 10
    Mickey Shakes a Leg
    Rather adorably, too.
  • Mommy and Minnie 8 of 10
    Mommy and Minnie
  • Mickey and the Instruments 9 of 10
    Mickey and the Instruments
    Make some noise.
  • Bye-Bye, Mickey 10 of 10
    Bye-Bye, Mickey
    See ya real soon.

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll 

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