Have You Checked Out Babble Voices Yet?


If you haven’t had a chance to check out Babble Voices yet, I’d highly encourage you to head over to this fun new addition to Babble.  Make sure you have several minutes (or more) to spare, because there is so much good stuff over there that you will want to keep reading, and reading, and reading.

How could you not with some of the best of the blogosphere all in one place – like Megan Francis, Ali Worthington, Karen from Chookaloonks, and even a few dads thrown in the mix? 

I loved and laughed at Megan’s list of her perfectly imperfect home at Just Call Me Bertha Stewart, I can totally relate.

Head over to Babble Voices and browse around a bit, I’m sure there’s a post waiting that you can relate to, and may even bring a smile to your face in the midst of this crazy life we call parenting.