Help! My Toddler is Sleeping With Us!

I’ve talked about it before on here and my personal blog, how I’m not a co-sleeping/bed-sharing parent.  I don’t judge them and I don’t care if you do, but it’s simply not for me.  It all started in our old house simply because we didn’t have any space in our master bedroom for a bassinet.  His nursery was 5 feet away, so we put him in his crib the first night home from the hospital.  If he cried, we soothed him in his room and placed him back in his crib.  As a toddler, we just keep him napping and sleeping in there.  I love that it leaves our bedroom as “ours” – a place to relax, sleep, have maritals, talk, simply be adults without little prying eyes or ears.

For the most part, we’ve been crazy-consistent with the difference between “Harry’s Room” and “Momma & Daddy’s Room.”

Then we moved into my parent’s house for the summer and then the summer thunderstorms started at night and it all went to crap.  (pardon the expression.)  Now he’s sleeping with us almost every night and IT MUST STOP ASAP.  Question is…how do I get him sleeping in his bed again?

It was more of a slow transition that if it was thunder like crazy when he went to bed, one of us would sit in the room with him and usually fall asleep.  Then storms started happening in the middle of the night and a sobbing toddler would come running to us and squish into our queen-sized bed.  It was perfectly fine because we knew how frightened he truly was (and still is) of storms.  In the mornings, Harrison always wakes first and comes into us and snuggles or watches a television show while we hit the snooze button.  That’s usually after 6am.  Then we realized that he naps so much better with someone else in the room with him – a side-effect of daycare, I imagine.  He’s used to napping with 8 of his little buddies around him now.  So on afternoons where he’s refusing to nap and he has bags under his eyes and we’re tired, it’s been way too easy to tuck him into his toddler bed and crash on the twin bed in his room and get a solid 2-3 hour nap.

Basically, we created a situation where he got used to sleeping with other people and now he doesn’t like sleeping alone at all.

I don’t have a problem with the thunderstorm situation.  I don’t even really have a problem with the naps because I love naps on weekends and I love Harry having a good nap so he’s in a good mood to play.  But I do mind that this morning, I rolled over to hug my husband and found our little boy squished between us and neither one remembered him coming in.

Which has happened four days in a row now.

Has this ever happened?  How did you stop the behavior and re-set boundaries?

I’m guessing that when we finally start spending the night in our new house, that will be the perfect time to re-lay the law.  Although I’m sure that’s even going to be more hard with him sleeping alone in a new place.

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Beth Anne writes words & takes pictures on The Heir to Blair. You can also find her on theTwitters & Facebook.

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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