How Far Will You Go for Potty Training Success?

This week, in Utah, a woman named Kimberly Decker snapped a photo of a mother potty training her kids at a restaurant (see photo left).

Well, of course, the mother has to potty train in a restaurant— that’s why potty training a toddler is so tough. You have to potty train EVERYWHERE.

But. And here’s the big BUT, the mother wasn’t potty training them in the bathroom, she was potty training them right there at the table (again, see photo left). Apparently, the mother had two potties (one for each kid) placed on the restaurant chairs like booster seats and her kids were sitting on top of them pants less while eating their meals!

Even as a fellow mother who is about to tackle potty training my two-year-old, all I can say is — EWWWWWWW.

Also, I’m no expert but if this is a necessary tactic to potty train your kids, don’t you think it stands to reason that YOUR KIDS ARE NOT READY FOR POTTY TRAINING?!

There are many signs that tell you if and when your kids are ready and TELLING YOU THEY NEED TO GO TO THE POTTY is pretty high up on the list.

Seriously. What really is the difference between the child peeing/pooping directly into the potty while eating their meal or going into a diaper? Would the mother really consider this a potty training success?

The identity of this woman is unknown so I can’t interrogate her on her motives but if I could, here is what I would ask:

1) Why do you feel it necessary to potty train your kids RIGHT THIS INSTANT?

2) Isn’t it way more embarrassing to toilet train at the table of a public restaurant than it would be to have a toddler still in diapers?

3) How can you eat next to someone who might or might not be in the middle of a poop?

4) Can’t you recognize your child’s “poop face” by now and run her straight over to the restroom at the right moment?

5) Why are you making parents look bad? People are annoyed enough with our kids at restaurants as it is!

The last question is perhaps my biggest issue with the situation.

There has been lots of talk lately about banning babies and toddlers from certain restaurants. I like going to restaurants. Even if my daughter isn’t always perfectly behaved. I recognize that she might be making the meal of the people directly to our left a little less pleasant. I recognize that our server might be a little disappointed when we sit down at his/her table— we are most likely more mess and less alcohol than a child-free group. But I have not yet done anything that would get me banned and I don’t want other parents giving restaurants fodder to get rid of us.

What do you think— on a scale of 1-10, how gross is potty training while eating at a restaurant?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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