How Many Presents is Too Many?

Can toddlers tell?

Christmas time is here again and depending on the age spectrum of your toddler, you could have a house that is really excited with the I want syndrome, or you could have a little one who is scared to death of Santa.

Either way it is fun huh?

Well this year with a limited budget in our house we decided to institute a new tradition with Christmas when it comes to presents and we have put a limit on the number of gifts that Santa is going to bring.

We are not really a religious family at all, and we aren’t one of the families who keep Christ in Christmas but through talking to others who are in the same position as us, we adopted the three kings present rule at least for this year, to see how it goes.

We figured that three gifts, plus their stocking is more than enough, especially for kids who have a ton of toys that need to be donated anyway.

But do kids at this age really understand the whole process, or even the amount of gifts they are getting? I struggle with this because I want my kids to have great memories of Christmas, but on the other hand I don’t want them to think every year that goes buy they are virtually going to get all new toys, or everything they ask for.

How do you handle Christmas with Toddlers?