How Many Wipes Do You Use?


In most areas of my life, I am conservative with my product use. You’ll find me trying to squeeze the very last toothpaste out of a nearly empty tube, scraping every bit of of food from their containers, and occasionally reusing Ziploc bags. It’s in my DNA not to waste. One thing this doesn’t usually apply to? Baby wipes.

Dirty diapers are my kryptonite. Because I am so worried about inadvertently getting any of the mess on my hands, you can usually find me using two, three, or four wipes. This almost certainly was related to the fact that I was buying the very cheapest wipes on the market. That is until I tried out Huggies Performance Wipes.

I am now literally using one wipe per change, which in the end is actually more frugal.

Do you buy more expensive wipes or stick to the cheapies?

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