How Much Overshare is Too Much Overshare?

Mother uses a laptopI’m not above saying that I’m wrong when I’m wrong.

And friends, I have been wrong in several posts here on Babble and on my personal blog.

In my frustrations over potty training, my frustrations over toddlerhood and scrambling to keep it together as a momma, I’ve let my guard down and therefore, let the guard I place around my child down. In the desperation to get advice and share frustrations, I forgot how wide-spread the Internet is. While I write like I’m sitting across a kitchen table with a cup of coffee with you, the fact is that I’m not. I’m sitting here behind a desk and I have no idea where you are or who you are. I’ve forgotten my number one role – to protect my kid. He’s mine and I love him and I don’t want anyone to ever doubt that.

It wasn’t intentional, but it was foolish. Last week taught me that.

I don’t have statistics or incoming links in the dashboard of my personal blog (or here on Babble, for that matter).  I don’t know who links in and where the anonymous comments come from, although I have a pretty good idea. While I do strongly believe there are some comments and people and websites out there that take the idea of critiquing a blog (and it’s writer) way too far, there were excellent points made by anonymous comments on my blog.

What would my kid say in 15 years? 

Kristin wrote a kick-ass piece on about this topic.

I lost sight of that. I’m not apologizing to you because hell, you don’t need apologies. It’s my kid that does and I will cross that bridge when it comes, hopefully as a lesson about restraint about the Internet. (If he thinks that stories about potty training are humiliating, I better not ever find texted naked pictures to a girlfriend.)

I’m pulling back on tales of my kid, my friends. His story is HIS to tell, not mine. His future to build. There are posts already written and thankfully, nothing that should land him in therapy. Some posts have been altered slightly, only to remove him but not the general idea of the post. I hope you understand and still enjoy those old posts here on Babble.

It has been a good lesson and wake-up call for me and I encourage you to look at your own posts on your blog, Facebook, Twitter.  Are you telling YOUR stories? Your kid’s stories? Are you crossing a line?  I don’t think any of us overshare about our children with the intent of harming them – but with the intent of sharing stories, lifting the veil on motherhood, telling our truths. Let’s just find a way to do that in a way that protects all of us. We all have different boundaries and that is okay. My boundaries may not be yours and we may have very different opinions on what will cause our teenagers to hate us in the future. I personally don’t care if my kid knows he drove me to have a glass of wine when he was a toddler, but I don’t post naked pictures of him. But I think we can all help each other navigate this new mommy-on-the-internet age together, with a little grace and kindness and constructive criticism.

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