How Much Screen Time is Too Much for Toddlers?


screen timeHow much screen time do you give your toddler? The older my kids get, naturally the more screen time they crave this includes our 2-year-old toddler, Izaiah. The iPad is his newest addiction, and while it’s true he does spend a little too much time watching Yo Gabba Gabba, I have to say it’s quite amazing watching his brain work while interacting with the tablet.

His newest love is Photobooth. He will open it up and make all kinds of faces. Again, he opens up the app which freaks me out. How can a 2-year-old mind get what some adults just can’t grasp? I guess this is what you call a digital native.

So yes, the iPad keeps the toddler entertained and provides a source of education but the million dollar question is … how much screen time should toddlers have?

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