How to Be a Know-It-All Mom, at Least to Your Toddler


Want your toddler to think that you know it all? That you’re the expert on everything there is to know about life? Even if, of course, you really don’t?

All you have to do is point.

Not at your child, but at whatever it is you want them to think you know-it-all about.

A recent study in Pyschology Science showed that the simple gesture of pointing carried significance for children determining whether or not a person had knowledge about something. In a child’s mind, pointing is basically equal to being all-knowing. Which is something we’d all like our toddlers to think we are, right?

The authors of the study say that children understand pointing as an important gesture for teaching or learning. Maybe that’s why teachers using pointing when they are trying to teach a new concept to their students.

Mostly, I’m just wondering if pointing will help my son stop fighting with me about everything, because he’ll finally realize that I’m the one who’s right. I’ll guess I’ll just have to try it out and see how it goes.

Do you point when you are trying to teach your child something? Or do you use it as a gesture that tells them you know what you’re talking about?

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Photo credit: purpleslog/flickr