How To Be a Mini Hipster 101

How To Be a Mini Hipster 101
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I just had to share this little April Fool’s joke that popped up in my Facebook feed the other day. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry – AKA OMSI – (a local favorite hang out for kids that you should totally check out if you ever find yourself in Portland with little ones), posted this photo on their Facebook page along with the description for their “newest OMSI class”. Here was the description:

“We’re excited to announce our newest OMSI class:

The Science of Portlandia Tips for the Kindergarten Hipster

Diapers are so OVER! The time is now to transform your kindergartner into a full-fledged hipster.

You can’t deny that Portland is made for hipsters. Hipsters are more than a subject. Hipsters are everywhere we look, and understanding hipsters is essential to understanding our world. Join OMSI instructors in this exciting class designed for kindergartners to transform their lives. In this week-long class, your kindergartner will participate in hands-on hipster science including the following fun activities:

- Craft Root Beer Brewing at Home
– Fixed-Gear Tricycle Repair
– Franchising your Artisan Lemonade Stand Business
– Building Your Own Backyard Pony Stables
– How to Grow Awesome Facial Hair Before Puberty
– Custom Sippy Cups for your Etsy Shop
– Creating Custom Lego Pieces Using a 3-D Printer
– Hot Chocolate Foam Design Creation
– How to Sell Your Old Onesies on Consignment and Make $$$

Space is limited! Enroll your child today for the adventure of a lifetime.”

If you know much about Portland, you know that the Portlandia stereotypes are really only slightly exaggerated, so this gave me a good laugh. I just might consider enrolling Fern in the class if it was real – ha!

OMSI actually does have a lot of super great (non-joke) activities though too – so if you live in Portland or will be visiting, this is definitely a fun place to go with your little ones. I was super impressed with all the fun options they have even for the tiniest tots – even babies can find things to do here – and I love taking Fern there!


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