How to Really Celebrate Halloween with a Toddler

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
This is what Halloween’s about when your child is young — the picture in the costume. Period.

Let’s be honest: If you are the parent of a child under the age of 2 (or even 3, depending on your child’s temperament), all holidays celebrated are for you, none are actually for your child.

That includes Halloween.

Dressing up a toddler is great fun. The pictures last forever, as will your memories. Your todder? He or she will remember none of it. None. Of. It.

As such, when celebrating Halloween, there’s really only one way to do it.

It’s this: Don’t do it.

Dress them up. Take a picture. Give them a slice of pizza and a cupcake. Call it a night.

What do you think will be gained, exactly, by taking them door-to-door in the dark when all sorts of people are out and dressed freakishly, with many of them acting freakishly, too? Here’s what will be gained: Many, many tears.

Do you really want them eating a miniature Snickers bar? How about M&Ms? What about walking up to strangers’ homes and taking candy from them? In the dark?

Seriously — dress them up, snap a few photos and call it a night. There will be plenty of time for Halloween when they’re older and have a clue. When they don’t know what’s happening, they’re better off living with some ignorant bliss. And, you know, a cupcake.

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll

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