How We Avoided the Big Kid Bed Transition


How We Avoided the Big Kid Bed TransitionMy daughter will be two in January and she is already sleeping in a “big kid bed”. In fact, she has been in a “big kid bed” since she was three months old. If you’re feeling bewildered right now, it’s OK. Most people are a little confused by this, so let me explain.

When our daughter was born we co-slept, but once she was three months, we transitioned her to her own room where she slept on a Montessori floor bed. It worked really well for us for multiple reasons; 1) we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a crib, 2) we wanted her to be able to explore and learn from her environment, and 3) we wanted to avoid the transition to a bed.

When I was pregnant, I had a friend who was dealing with the challenging task of transitioning her son from a crib to a big bed and it didn’t seem like the most fun ever. She told me tales of having to return him to his bed over and over every night and it and I remember thinking, “Note to self: try to avoid this.”

At that point I had heard about the idea of Montessori floor beds, but I hadn’t really thought about it. But after talking it over with my husband we decided to give it a try. We figured if it was a massive failure, we’d just switch to a crib. No big deal.

We ended up going with it though and despite a few bumps in the road and tweaking it to fit our daughter’s needs, we really loved the experience. I recently wrote a full recap of our experience over at my blog that you can read here, detailing why we did it, how we did it, what worked and what didn’t in case you’re curious.

Now that our daughter has moved into a full-sized bed and sleeps like a champ, I am so thankful we tried something different. A lot of people thought we were completely nutso for having our child “sleep on the floor”. My original article on it actually garnered some pretty awful comments, but it was just one of many times as a parent that I’ve learned to trust my instincts and do what was best for our family.

Have any of you transitioned your toddler to a “big kid bed” yet? Did any of you use a floor bed? I’d love to hear how your big bed transition went!


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