I Can't Do Anything Right!

Don't let the grin fool you!

From the way my toddler reacts to me, pretty much all day, every day, I really have to question my ability as a mother. According to him, I can’t do anything right.

No, I didn’t want the blue cup, I wanted the GREEN one!

I don’t want milk, I want WATER!

I want to wear my Toy Story shirt, NOT my football shirt!

I wanted to put my shoes on MYSELF!

I don’t want my blanket this way, I want it THAT way!

I don’t want you, I want daddy!

I don’t love you, mom!

Seriously! Sometimes I just want to throw my hands up and say, I GIVE UP!

It can be so frustrating when I’m trying to do things for him, or to help him, but no matter what I do, he wants it done differently.

But then, there are the rare moments, when I make his lunch, or pour his drink, bracing myself for his reaction as I give it to him, and he looks up at me and says in the absolute sweetest voice you’ve ever heard, “Thanks, mom!”

And my heart melts, and somehow it all seems worth it after all.

Does your toddler find fault in everything you try to do for him? How do you handle it?

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