I Needed A Time-Out


You know those really crappy, no-good parenting days where the kid falls into a mud puddle, refuses to nap, gets sick, and then someone wants to come view your for-sale house?

That was my Saturday.

I practically threw the kid (okay, not really) into the bed by 7:30pm and poured a glass of wine.  Twenty minutes later, I was practically in tears with a kiddo that refused to go to sleep.  By the time my husband got home, I was begging to go to bed and not be touched or spoken to for a solid twelve hours.

Unfortunately, my husband and friends had other plans.

My friends were throwing BaconFest 2012, a party where everyone brought a bacon dish (ranging from bacon-wrapped vegetables to bacon ice cream) and they were all spending the night together.  I had planned on attending, but I wasn’t so keen on showing up to the party three hours late with no shower and no bacon dish.  But my husband pushed me into the shower, out the door, and I showed up with a sleeping bag and wet hair.  It was good to see my friends, who understand how hard motherhood can be, and to chat over a beer in our sweatpants.

The next morning as I drove home, I called Doug and asked him how things were going.  Turns out that Harrison slept in a little later than normal, ate a good breakfast, and they were just settling down with a Disney movie.  “Take your time, babe,” my husband encouraged.

Normally I would have headed straight home but this time, I knew I really needed a break from Harrison.  It was 10:30am on a Sunday, so I headed to Target by myself, the only place open.  I grabbed a caramel coffee from Starbucks and perused the new Essie nail polish colors, tried on a few tops, and then headed to the movie theater to see an 11:45 showing of The Hunger Games.  ALL BY MYSELF.  It was glorious and when I got home at 2pm, I was absolutely ready to see my toddler.

Sometimes Momma just needs a few hours to recharge, you know?

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