I Want A Christmas Mulligan


I Want A Christmas MulliganLast Christmas sucked. I know that sounds like an overstatement, but it was pretty bad.

It was my daughter’s first Christmas and I had hyped it up so much in my head. I went crazy with decorating and bought a bunch of presents and was in an anticipatory frenzy in the days leading up to Christmas.

Then, Christmas came and I had a meltdown of epic proportions (you can read the details here). I took down all the Christmas decorations on Christmas Eve and basically cancelled Christmas. We have zero photos of Christmas day with my daughter, because I kind of ruined it. The day ended up OK after my husband had a “come to Jesus” talk with me, but it was seriously the worst holiday I’ve ever experienced. I blame the holiday hype.

As a parent (and especially as a blogger), we are inundated with images and ideas of what the perfect Christmas looks like. Pinterest-perfect gingerbread houses and friends in our Facebook feeds coming up with elaborate schemes for their Elf on a Shelf… it can be hard to live up to. That’s where I failed last year. I bought into the hype and I forgot what really mattered most: spending time with people I love.

So, this year, while I was still really excited, I have lowered my expectations. I’m taking a Christmas mulligan… a do over. This year our house is a remodeling construction mess and we all just got over being sick, but you know what? Life’s not perfect and I need to enjoy it for what it is in the here and now.

I’m excited for my Christmas mulligan and a day spent enjoying my family and celebrating the birth of Christ. Because that’s what Christmas is truly about for us anyway. It may not be picture-perfect, but we’ll have good memories and at the end of the day that’s what really matters.


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