I was *THIS* Close to Giving In

I’m trying hard, REAL HARD, to feed Little Bean what we eat at dinner. That’s it. End of story. Case closed.

I make chicken, broccoli and noodles. He gets chicken, broccoli and noodles. I make hamburgers, beans and corn. He gets hamburger, beans and corn.

It sounds so easy, right?

Yet my mom worry kicks in.

Well if he doesn’t eat the chicken then he’s not getting protein? He really needs protein, right? What if he doesn’t eat the broccoli? He needs to eat more vegetables especially since he won’t eat fruit. What if he won’t eat at all? I can’t send him to bed hungry. He’s too little!

I can’t be the only mom with this train of thought during meal times.

Can I?

I’m guessing no. So let me share a dinner story from the other night.

I made beef stew.

Click here for recipe if you are curious.

On paper it’s the perfect toddler meal–soft potatoes and carrots, melt in your mouth beef. All easily chewed for a molar-less kid or mashed IF he’d actually eat off a spoon which he won’t.

So I cut up small pieces of carrot, sweet potato, potato and beef. I put it on a plate in front of him.

All he wanted was the plate.

Soooo I dumped the food on the table and he sat there with the pieces all in arms reach.

He looked at Daddy who was eating. He looked at Mommy who was eating. He looked at Big Brother who. was. eating.

We were all eating except for Little Bean who poked at, squished, and threw the small pieces that were in front of him.

I said to the husband,

“Maybe I should get him some beans. He always eats beans. He needs to eat.”

But, for a change, the husband was the voice of reason.

“No. Let him go. He’ll eat if he’s hungry.”

“You’re right.”

By this time the rest of us were pretty much done, but we stayed at the table and talked about our day. Ignoring Little Bean and his silent protest of dinner.

All of a sudden…

He started eating!

Almost with an expression of, “Fine Mom, you WIN.”

To which I say,

“Yes, Yes I did.”

And to think, I almost gave in.

Self, repeat after me… Must remember this at meal times. Must remember this at mealtime. 🙂

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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