If Toddlers Voted For President ... The Issues Toddlers Care About Most


if toddlers voted for presidentPresidential ads are everywhere. Facebook walls are covered with political commentary. You can’t turn on the news without hearing something about a presidential candidate.

Parents, we are in the midst of an election season and your vote counts!

While we each have our own opinions about who should win this election, let’s put those aside for a moment and think about the little people.  Our toddlers have their own agenda when it comes to this Presidential campaign. The political hot topics that are being discussed aren’t exactly what toddlers care about. So, if toddlers could vote for president – what would be they be seeking out in a candidate?

It Toddlers Voted for President These are the Issues That They Would Care About!

  • No Naps 1 of 10
    No Naps
    Toddlers want a President that eliminates nap time!
    Forget Mom telling us to go to bed! We want a candidate that will stand for our right to be cranky and not sleep!
  • Water Guns Not Bad Guy Guns 2 of 10
    Water Guns Not Bad Guy Guns
    Toddlers want a President that supports water guns over bad guy guns.
    We want support the right to carry water guns.
  • Dessert Before Dinner 3 of 10
    Dessert Before Dinner
    Toddlers want a President that would require parents to serve dessert before dinner.
    Ice cream as an appetizer should be the law!
  • Naked If We Want To! 4 of 10
    Naked If We Want To!
    Toddlers want a president that would make clothing optional.
    If we want to go around naked, so be it! We want a President who supports our freedom of nudity!
  • Public Urination 5 of 10
    Public Urination
    Toddlers want a President that would make clothing optional.
    If we need to pee, let us pee. Dogs pee and don't get in trouble - toddlers should be allowed to water the plants as well!
  • Mickey Mouse for All 6 of 10
    Mickey Mouse for All
    Toddlers want a President that provides public funding for more Mickey Mouse Club House.
    We want our tax payer dollars going to more Mickey and less war!
  • No More Time Outs 7 of 10
    No More Time Outs
    Toddlers want a President that would outlaw time outs!
    Time outs no more! Our President will stand up for our right to not have to sit down and be quiet for a set number of minutes!
  • Playground Equipment Tax Credit 8 of 10
    Playground Equipment Tax Credit
    Toddlers want a President that would give tax credits to parents who purchase playground equipment.
    Encourage play and help stop childhood obesity by giving our parents tax credit for playground equipment!
  • Tricycle Lanes, Please 9 of 10
    Tricycle Lanes, Please
    Toddlers want a President that would build tricycle lanes.
    Local taxes should go to build tricycle lanes in addition to bicycle lanes! Don't forget about us third wheels!
  • Stickers and Lollipops 10 of 10
    Stickers and Lollipops
    Toddlers want a president that would require all doctors to give lollipops and stickers.
    We want good healthcare and nice doctors. To us toddlers, good and nice doctor means lollipops and stickers anytime we have to visit

What Presidential Issues Does Your Toddler Care About?

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