If You Can Splurge on One Item for Your Toddler, It Should be This

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
Peony in Petunia’s chair, which really belongs to Peony now

Peony, 16 months, and her big sister Petunia, 4, share a room. All’s well. There’s not a ton of extra space in there, which is why all of their toys are downstairs in the living room. But they co-exist pretty peacefully. (When they’re sleeping, anyway. When they’re awake, not as much.)

When Petunia was younger, my parents gave her her very own big, cozy chair. Unfortunately she never really took to it, but we kept it anyway. I’m glad we did, because it has now become the property of Peony. She can sit in that chair for tens of minutes at a time. There’s a big basket of books right next to it and she plucks from the basket and pours over and through those books like a Rhodes Scholar.

She retreats to the chair when she’s super excited, and she sinks into the chair when something devastates her (usually Petunia). Sometimes Petunia sits on the upper part of the chair and wraps her legs around Peony’s neck. Sometimes Peony likes it, sometimes she cries out all raspy-like because Petunia has blocked her air passage.

I think we could strip Peony of all possessions and she wouldn’t notice. But take away her chair and it would be like ripping out a piece of her sweet little soul.

It’s not an inexpensive chair. The one Peony has comes from Pottery Barn Kids and ranges from $99 – $139. If you sign up for their mailing list you might be able to catch a coupon every now and again. But surely there are similar chairs that can be found for less money. The key is big and cozy, but not big enough for most anyone else to be able to fit in it and enjoy it, too. Let the little ones have at least one small space to call their own.


Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
Peony in her lair

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll

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