If You Knew Me, You Might Like Me 2.0


Back when I first started writing here at Babble, I was hit with the overwhelming realization that everyone parents differently.  I mean, I knew it before but being here with a great group of bloggers who all do it differently with their different kids…it’s just more in-your-face.  We all have our pros and cons and ideas on how toddlers should be raised and treated and I don’t think any of us are super-duper-right or crazy-wrong. I know that the way I parent isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and the person I am is not someone who everyone likes, so I wrote this post about me as a person and why if you got to know me, you might like meMaybe Maybe not.

Then I started thinking about how everyone is so different as a person and we all mother differently due to our experiences and likes and dislikes.  We make our momma decisions based on our own situations and beliefs and I think that is a really wonderful thing.  It makes the world go ’round with all different kinds of people in it, right?

So last time I chatted about weird quirky things about me as a person, but here’s a little bit more on me as a momma:

  • I’m pretty fun 1 of 12
    I'm pretty fun
    I'm just as much of a daredevil as he is - nobody could ever accuse me of being a helicopter parent & I'm usually the first one pulling the kid onto my lap & shooting down a steep tunnel slide.
  • I’m crazy-affectionate 2 of 12
    I'm crazy-affectionate
    The kid is constantly hugged, kissed, and tickled. I think touch might be my toddler love language.
  • I love running errands with my guy 3 of 12
    I love running errands with my guy
    I love taking Saturday afternoons to hang out with him, even when we're just running to the post office or grocery shopping. I think it's important for him to go with me to learn how to behave in those situations without me being stressed or pressed for time - when I'm more patient, he listens better.
  • I’m really low-maintenance in the beauty department 4 of 12
    I'm really low-maintenance in the beauty department
    90% of my clothes are machine-washable & I don't spend a ton of money on them. I also wear my hair piled on my head most of the time. On the plus side, I'm never worried about Harry spilling things on me or leaving shoe marks on my dress - I just pop it in the wash.
  • I rarely call him by his real name 5 of 12
    I rarely call him by his real name
    We are big on nicknames in our family. I think I stopped calling him by his real name roughly 12 hours after he was born!
  • I bottle-fed Harrison and still get angry when I read negative feedback on formula-fed babies 6 of 12
    I bottle-fed Harrison and still get angry when I read negative feedback on formula-fed babies
    Even as a toddler mom, it still makes me angry to be accused of feeding my child poison or comparing formula to drugs. I bottle-fed him due to my breast reduction, but I stand proudly by that decision. Harrison is healthy, happy, smart, & got his first cold when he was 2 years old.
  • I don’t always stick to my guns 7 of 12
    I don't always stick to my guns
    I always said I would NEVER EVER sleep with my baby, but then my toddler developed a horrible fear of thunder. Guess what? I've had more sleepovers than I can count with that kid this summer. I figure he won't go to college still wanting his mommy when it thunders.
  • I’m an outdoors kind of mom 8 of 12
    I'm an outdoors kind of mom
    I'd rather be in the backyard or park or pool than inside watching movies. Unless I have PMS. Then pass the popcorn & Disney.
  • I struggle with not spoiling him 9 of 12
    I struggle with not spoiling him
    He loves Matchbox cars so much that it's hard not to just get him a new one every time we're out. Or when I see something I know he'd love, it's hard for me to not buy it. Seeing his face when I surprise him with a new goodie is one of my favorite moments & I'm thankful that we can do fun things for him. But I do try to reign it in - nobody likes an entitled brat.
  • I don’t freak out about sickies 10 of 12
    I don't freak out about sickies
    I think it's daycare that is the cause for this, but I don't freak out about Harry catching your kid's germs, unless we're talking flu & chicken pox. Colds are a pain but they're also just a part of life.
  • I don’t freak out about sugar 11 of 12
    I don't freak out about sugar
    Maybe I should. ::shrugs:: But I don't mind if the kid drinks chocolate milk after dinner or has dessert every night (as long as he's eaten a healthy & well-balanced breakfast, lunch, & dinner).
  • I’m the strict parent 12 of 12
    I'm the strict parent
    My husband is an amazing dad, but I definitely fell more easily into the main-discipliner role of our co-parenting. I can get a tone that will freeze Harry in his tracks (which is good for safety reasons).

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