If You Thought Your Toddler Took Forever to Start Walking, Just Look at this Image of Baby Jesus

Click below to see how the baby Jesus might have gotten around in his younger days

Before he walked on water, Jesus used a walker. At least according to one artist’s depiction.

Just remember: All children walk on their own schedule. It’ll do you no good to compare yours to anyone else. But if you must, Jesus is as good a comparison as any.

Take a look at an image of the infant Jesus in a baby walker from “the Book of Hours of Catherine of Clèves, containing the prayers and litanies of the Mass in Latin, decorated with 157 lavishly colored and gilded illuminations by the Dutch artist, the Clèves Master, c. 1440, in Gothic style” —

The Infant Jesus in a Baby Walker
The Infant Jesus in a Baby Walker

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