If Your Toddler Learns Only One Skill, It Should be This One (VIDEO)

Saudi Kid Imitates A Siren
Not all life skills are created equal

When you’re the parent of a toddler, your head can spin with all of the pearls of wisdom and life skills you know you should be imparting unto your offspring.

First, there’s manners — after all, it’s never too early for kids to start saying “please” and “thank you.” Sharing is a big one, too. Potty training, of course, is like the Holy Grail of toddler lessons.

But safety cannot be discounted. In fact, safety is paramount, no?

There’s a Saudi child who has learned how to create his own sound of safety. As the description on the YouTube video says, with a skill like this, “Chances of him getting abducted or molested: 0%.”

Take a look and see if you think this might be something worth teaching your toddler:

Source: BuzzFeed

Photo & video credit: YouTube

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