Ikea is to Toddlers What Turkey is to Everyone (PHOTO)


If you get worn out each time you trek through the behemoth that is Ikea, imagine being, say, 5-7 times smaller than you actually are and then think of what it must do to you.

One toddler was recently at Ikea and getting through the store awake was clearly more than she could manage, as evidenced by the photo below (which we first saw on The Huffington Post). It was like she just finished a Thanksgiving dinner and couldn’t quite manage to cram in a bite of pumpkin pie — rookie, but understandable mistake.

Thankfully there were plenty of beds made and just ripe for sleeping if she decided the shopping cart was ultimately too uncomfortable for her afternoon nap.

Toddler at Ikea
Collateral-shopping damage

Photo credit: CeriLKilla/Reddit

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