I'm Ditching My Kids for BlogHer


Two summers ago I left my children with my husband for three days, and headed to the biggest women-blogging conference around. BlogHer.

It was in New York City, which is super close to where I live, and I was able to split a hotel room with two really amazing women.

This year when I knew the BlogHer conference would be close again, and manageable with three children all under the age of five — I decided to give it a go again. Although I was only planning to hit up one day—Saturday.

Overnight my trip went from being away from my kids for one day, to spending two nights and three days away, and I am totally unprepared. I have two days to get my kids all set up so I can breathe easy while I am ninety minutes away from home.

I thought I would whittle my checklist for the trip into a post, because there are a ton of readers, and other bloggers who read here heading out to the same place in the next day or two.

Who will I see there?

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