I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane


Once or twice per year, I pack a suitcase and fly to another state where I spend four days with friends and inspiration at a blogging conference.  This week, I fly to Blissdom in Nashville, TN thanks to the good people of Oreck and I’ll be a Community Leader for the writing sessions.  It’s my fourth blogging conference, so I’m less anxious and mostly just ready for a weekend away for inspiration and growth.

When I left for BlogHer 2010, my very first conference, I knew I would miss my baby but also knew he was in the very capable hands of his father.  After battling severe postpartum depression for a year, I was ready for a weekend away without the stresses of motherhood and therapy.

Now that my baby is a toddler and I’m healed and whole and far less dark and twisty?  I don’t know how to handle leaving.

Last year at Blissdom, my baby was a little over one year old and starting to babble into the phone.  After two nights away, my husband held the phone up to Harrison and a little voice traveled across states and a time zone to sucker-punch me right in the heart.  I broke down sobbing in the front lobby of the Opryland Hotel, right in front of the marketing gal for Horizon organic products.

If nonsensical babble can bring me to my knees, then what on earth will I do this year when he says, “Hi, Momma! Love you!” into the phone? (hint: someone get me a strong drink and a lot of chocolate!)

I know he will be in capable hands with my husband and my mother-in-law, who is coming for a visit.  This is a “business trip” where I am representing a company and growing my passion, so I will focus and do my best.  But gosh, I’m going to miss that little man.

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