The iPad Saves My Sanity


thankful for the ipadToday I am thankful for the iPad. 

I never thought before having these 2 toddlers, that I’d be the type of parent to throw my kid an iPad to save my sanity – but confession time…. That is TOTALLY who I have become.

Izaiah has the iPad mastered. He could careless about the TV, but once introduced to the iPad – it’s like he met his best friend. While I do try to limit his time so his whole entire day isn’t spent fiddling on the tablet, he does spend a good deal of time playing. And by playing, I mean learning. I don’t mean that in a snarky sense, I really am amazed at what he is learning – especially since he currently isn’t enrolled in preschool.

He is learning his ABCs, his numbers and in a few weeks, I expect him to be  horse-riding Gangnam Style with as much YouTube as he watches.

Izaiah’s favorite app has to be YouTube. He is obsessed with YouTube viral videos. After first watching the sneezing Panda video, he went all OCD and watched the clip over and over and would laugh each time at the same part.

iPad, thank you for saving my sanity.

How Much Time Do You Let Your Kids Play on the iPad?

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