Is There a 12 Step Program for Dora?

I met Dora!

In 2010 I met Dora. Seriously!
And if you were at BlogHer 2010 in New York City you probably met her too.

Well if I was to show this to my two year old, he would blow a gasket because he is completely obsessed with Dora the Explorer.

I am not really sure how the obsession started either because he doesn’t watch a lot of television, and it is not like I am really tuning into Dora myself.

Maybe it was the coloring books, or the toys? No idea, still trying to sort that all out myself. But needless to say — HE LOVES DORA!

Is there a 12 step program for something like this?  Because I am pretty sure I need to start weaning him off of this show. And now that we have Dora available on demand, I feel like I am an enabler with a remote!

For Christmas he got a Dora tent, hooded towel, and potty seat from my cousin who actually works for NickJr. See!  Even extended family knows he has a problem!

Do I care he loves a girls show? Or course not… good for him for loving something and breaking gender stereotypes right?

But if I hear the theme song one more time I just may blow a gasket!

How am I going to break this habit for my own sanity?

What show is your little one obsessed with?

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