Is this iPad App Mocking Motherhood?


In my effort to wean Mazzy off of YouTube (to prevent accidental glimpses of Barney in a pool of his own blood), I uploaded some new educational apps on the iPad. One of the apps I loaded was “My PlayHome” based on a recommendation from the NY Times.

My PlayHome is not a game where you are trying to achieve something; it’s just a house where you can move from room to room and make the members of the family who presumably live there do things like eat apples, flush the toilet and go to sleep.

Well, not everybody gets to sleep.

If you put the girl, the boy or the baby into their respective beds, they will switch to a lying down position and close their eyes.

But if you put the mother or the father into one of the beds, they will just STAND ON TOP OF IT.

And that’s not the only thing I noticed that was disturbingly true to life…

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