Is This Not the Best Stroller of All Time, and Where Can I Get One?

The Dunkley Pramotor
Everyone rides, everyone wins

One of the joys of seasons like autumn is taking your toddler out for a walk to enjoy the changing colors of the landscape and horsing around in the fallen leaves.

Sometimes, however, your toddler has other plans and chooses not to walk, but to be strolled instead.

And sometimes you don’t really want to go for a walk, but if you don’t get out of the house and experience a change in scenery, you and your toddler both might lose your minds.

For those times, sometimes, wouldn’t it be nice if you always didn’t have to walk? If someone could push you, too? Or maybe there could be some kind of motorized device on the stroller that lets you both glide without any work required?

As it turns out, a stroller like that used to exist: The Dunkley Pramotor. It was around in 1922. Too bad it’s not still around in 2012.

Here’s a glimpse at the prototype (Psst . . . Maclaren, Bugaboo, BOB . . . please take notes):

The Dunkley Pramotor
I'll take two

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