It’s Monday – Mommy Needs a Drink


mondayIt’s Monday, and though my job has me in the comforts of my home – it’s dreary outside and the toddlers are on a rampage.

  • The granola I fed the boys for lunch became floor decorations. Granola is NOT fun to walk on, in case you are wondering.
  • Everything on top of my bathroom counter was thrown into the bathtub. Fortunately, the chaos was stopped in the knick of time before they turned the water on.
  • Fighting? When did this begin? Apparently a stack of cups means 1 toddler gets them all. Oh please let this not be a new trend.
  • The toilet was cleaned, by the boys of course -which means our powder room floor is sopping wet.

What I don’t get? It’s 1:15pm and I have been within 20 feet of them as these things happen! Should I cage them in with baby gates? They will surely just jump them. I did try moving and confining them to the playroom which Izaiah felt the need to rip up a book.

It’s dreary outside. I need a drink and then a long nap. Can someone make that happen?

How’s YOUR Monday?

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