It's Not Just "Go the Bleep to Sleep", It's "Stay the Bleep Asleep!"

Why can't they just stay asleep?!

I’m tired. So tired.

I’m in my sixth month of pregnancy, and besides my growing belly, it basically means that I am tired. all. the. time.

As much as I try to go to sleep on time, and get the rest I need, I just don’t sleep as comfortably or restfully as I did before. And then there are these little people in my life who keep waking me up on a nightly basis.

I understand where mamas like Beth Anne are coming from when they share about the trouble they are having getting their kiddos to go to sleep, but we’re not really having that issue right now. Our issue is that our kids won’t stay asleep for the whole night.

Last week I wrote about how, after returning from Blissdom, my kids had fallen back into some bad habits, that my hubs and I were going to have to work through with them. But despite the fact that I said we would deal with these issues together, as a team, the reality is that there is not much of a team at our house in the middle of the night.

One of the players is completely passed out, basically dead to the world, while he sleeps. While the other is constantly tossing and turning and is a light sleeper anyway, because she’s the only one the kids can actually wake up in the middle of the night if they need something.

So, I’m left as the one who has to get up with them, tuck them back into bed, say a little prayer, again, and kiss their foreheads goodnight, every time they get up in the night, every single night. And it’s really starting to wear on me.

It would be one thing if they really did need something. My daughter wakes me up at least once every night to go to the bathroom with her, and that’s okay with me because at this point, I usually have to go too. And an occasional nightmare is understandable too.

But these nightly wakings of, “I need a drink”, or “My covers came off, can you tuck me back in?” are driving me crazy! To the point that I just want to pull out my hair and yell, “Stay the f*@k alseep!” (And I’m really sorry about my language, because I’m usually not the swearing type!) But, I guess that’s what being pregnant and tired will drive a mama to.

Do you struggle with night waking with your child? How do you encourage them to stay asleep throughout the night?

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