It's Official: I'm a Soccer Mom!

Which means what exactly? You’ll have to excuse me, but while I’ve heard this term a-plenty, I’m not quite sure if I fit the bill. If it means being anything like some of the side-line mamas I had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting this past weekend.

Now, don’t get me wrong – not all of the other soccer moms creeped me out. I even met another mom who I clicked with instantly. We’re totally going to be soccer mom BFF’s and talk about beer and gardening and gossip about the crazies yelling (‘cheering’) at their 3 year olds on the side-line or directly IN. THE. FIELD. (Get off the field women. Jeebus.)

Also…it’s not that I don’t (or that I didn’t my first game in), plan on cheering my boy on from the sidelines. Of course. But there is such a thing as over-kill and I witnessed such in all of it’s shining glory this past weekend. In the form of a couple of dads too I might add. They’re 3. Chill the eff out. Let them have fun.

All in all we had a lot of fun and Wyndham LOVED it. As the pictures below attest to. The coach is rad, although he looked a little overwhelmed at not only having to reel in a bunch of 3 year olds and try to teach them soccer – but more-so the grown-ups screaming in his ear and getting in his way. Still, all highly amusing stuff.

I mean, I kind of understand the need of having to intervene as a parent, given the fact that they’re 3. (I’ll just keep stating that fact.) So soccer is really football (FITBALL), and it’s all a grand excuse to tackle and wrestle. Essentially…

  • There’s No Turning Back… 1 of 9
    Soccer Mom

    Not that I really want to anyways. A bunch of three year olds 'playing soccer' is some pretty cute business! Some of the parents on the other hand...

  • Observing The Field 2 of 9
    Toddler Soccer

    Please note the placement of the soccer ball. He's a natural.

  • A Little Warm-Up 3 of 9
    Toddler Soccer

    There's a small child somewhere in that jersey. Also? Where the heck can I find toddler soccer shoes in his size (10)??? I've looked in all the local stores and online. Nada. Help a girl out if you know the magical source.

  • Making Friends 4 of 9
    Toddler Soccer

    Or being a bossy pants. Something anyways. Looks like the other kid doesn't mind too much.

  • About Those Shin Pads… 5 of 9
    Toddler Soccer

    Are they supposed to go over or under the socks? I guess I could have asked the 'volun-told' coach, but things were pretty hairy. I looked over at one kid who had them over his socks and followed suit. Now that I'm looking a the other pictures, it appears that more children had them under the socks. Total nube here.

  • Littlest Cheerleader 6 of 9
    Toddler Soccer

    She 'only' attempted to get in on the game about a dozen times or so. Poor wee lass. Next time I'll be bringing more distractions for her.

  • Team Player 7 of 9
    Toddler Soccer

    Actually listening to his coach and not melting down on the sidelines! So proud of my little man.

  • Half-Time 8 of 9
    Toddler Soccer

    Embarrassing proof (but HIM, he's cute), of my shin-pad fail (wrong legs).

  • Back In The Game 9 of 9
    Toddler Soccer

    Please note the headless hands-on mom (nope, not a coach), with a child who isn't her own. A kid she doesn't know. Full-on crazy town if you ask me. 


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