I've Hit My Toddler Poop Limit!


Changing my son’s dirty diapers never really bothered me.

Sure, they stink, they are gross, and as a mom, you are bound to get poop on your hands from time to time, but all in all, diapers are really no big deal.

Even poopy diapers never really made me cringe, until recently that is.

All of a sudden, changing my toddler’s poop diapers makes me physically ill.

I absolutely dread having to crack open my son’s diapers. WIth a new baby’s diapers to change, my toddler’s diapers seem like those of a grown man now instead of a tiny little boy. The sight and the smell are suddenly just so overwhelmingly bad, that I fantasize about the day when he can use the toilet.

I really feel like my disdain for changing my son’s diapers is going to be the driving motivator to get this kid potty trained.

Did you ever wake up one day, and realize that you were just totally DONE dealing with your toddler’s diapers?

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