Judgmental Toddlers (Photos)

You call this a present?

Conan O’Brien has this hilarious sketch he does called Judgmental Pets. He shows photos of “animals who look like all judgmental and stuff.”

It got those of us here at Babble to thinking. No one is more judgmental than toddlers:

Your parenting is all wrong! I don’t like my dinner! I do not like this juice! Yes, I know I just asked for juice but I DO NOT LIKE IT NOW!  This television show does not please me. CHANGE THE CHANNEL. I told you, woman, I do not like the yellow M&M’s. Remove them. NOW.

Toddlers. Yeesh. All the time with not being satifisfied.

I went ahead and requested that all my Facebook friends send me the most judgmental, angry pics of their toddlers and the hilarious pics came rolling in. Got a judgmental toddler pic? Submit it to our Facebook page and we’ll include it in the next round.

Without further ado, Judgmental Toddlers:

  • The Sammy Hagar Judger 1 of 13
    The Sammy Hagar Judger
    No more paparazzi! Look, lady. Just back off with the all the time ALL THE TIME picture taking.
  • The Too Cool For School Judger 2 of 13
    The Too Cool For School Judger
    Am I not a toddler now? This baby swing is crap.
  • The Subtle Judger 3 of 13
    The Subtle Judger
    I know what you did last night.
  • The Gift Judger 4 of 13
    The Gift Judger
    You call this a present? This is just crap, man. CRAP.
  • The Foodie Judger 5 of 13
    The Foodie Judger
    What exactly is this I'm eating here? CRAP?
  • The Obvious Judger 6 of 13
    The Obvious Judger
    Back off, helicopter dad. I need my space!
  • The Sean Penn Judger 7 of 13
    The Sean Penn Judger
    Again With The Camera? Give it to me. GIVE. IT. TO. ME.
  • Another Foodie Judger 8 of 13
    Another Foodie Judger
    This spaghetti is CRAP.
  • Another Tough Guy Judger 9 of 13
    Another Tough Guy Judger
    Back off. You heard me. BACK OFF.
  • The Delicate Judger 10 of 13
    The Delicate Judger
    You disgust me. That is all.
  • The Vocal Judger 11 of 13
    The Vocal Judger
    Get out! Can I not have a single moment of privacy? Must you watch everything I do?
  • The Angry Judger 12 of 13
    The Angry Judger
    You again? I'd like someone else now, please.
  • The Style Judger 13 of 13
    The Style Judger
    I do not like what you've done with my hair. It's ridiculous! Take these pigtails out immediately!

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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