Stuck In The Middle

Big sister Wylet

Violet is 2 1/2 years old which is, like, 30 months for those of you still into the months thing. I am not. My mind always gets caught up counting how many years the months equal. And I cheated on math all throughout high school. So, you know. Some mom tells me her kid is 27 months and I’m standing there counting on my fingers like a doofus.

So anyway, Violet is 2 1/2. She’s speaking in full sentences, for the most part, and can pretty much communicate her needs with a hodge-podge of words, which is nice.

What’s not nice is the tantrums that seem to be bubbling up out of nowhere. Everyone talks about the terrible twos but that’s just silly. Two has been awesome. Two has been amazing. It’s mind boggling to watch her little sponge of a mind suck up everything and regurgitate it with her quirky toddler actions and words.

As three draws near she seems to be all about stealing toys from others and throwing bizarre tantrums. I say bizarre because it’s almost like her heart isn’t into the tantrum, it’s more like she’s imitating a tantrum she saw some other kid throw once.

Maybe that’s how they learn about tantrums? They spread like a virus? Violet witnesses a kid thrash around on the floor of the grocery store and lo and behold, she rocks a similar tantrum later that day because she can’t watch Toy Story for the millionth time? Is that how it works? Or are tantrums just encoded in their DNA?

Regardless, here is the latest vid of our Wylet in action. This time we find our heroine in quite a pickle on a slide at the park. We had just been playing in a nearby lake so her bum was wet. Wet bum equals terrible sliding action, as you’re about to see: