Just in Time for Halloween: The Evil Toddler Meme Hits Home (PHOTOS)

Evil toddler meme
Hee hee hee

It might have been fleeting, but that look of evil on your toddler’s face wasn’t a fluke.

If it seems as if toddlers everywhere are especially evil these days, it’s because they are. Well, not just these days. All of the days, actually.

Check out this roundup of evil toddler memes we found on The Huffington Post and see if it doesn’t remind you of someone you know. Someone who might be just down the hall from you right this very minute. Wreaking havoc. Just for fun.

Enjoy, but also beware:

  • Splish splash 1 of 5
    Splish splash
    Was there something else you wanted me to do with my urine?
  • Sharing schmaring 2 of 5
    Sharing schmaring
    Sharing is for suckers.
  • Oh, did that hurt? 3 of 5
    Oh, did that hurt?
    Imagine how I feel every time you go out and leave me with a babysitter.
  • Mud is good for the skin 4 of 5
    Mud is good for the skin
    You didn't want me to get dirty when I was already dirty, did you?
  • Picasso Jr. 5 of 5
    Picasso Jr.
    You did mean for the clean wall to be my canvas, didn't you?

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