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King of the Castle: 7 Ways My Toddler is a Dictator

By Beth Anne Ballance |

I love him to death, but I’ve had to come to terms with a cold, hard fact about my two-year-old. He’s a dictator. Before you gasp in horror at this accusation observation, let’s do a little deductive reasoning: The definition of a dictator is “a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted power.”  The name Harry is Germanic for “home ruler.” My son’s name, Harrison, means “son of Harry.”

Though I wouldn’t put him up there with the likes of Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, and/or Kim Jung-Il, my kiddo does have almost absolute power over our home. We are most definitely his parents, not his BFFs, but I certainly see how our lives have swayed in his favor and according to his preferences over the last few years. Gone are leisurely Saturdays when the pull of the park! and carousel! are looming. Gone are the gourmet dinners prepared for hours and supped by candlelight. Nowadays the quality of our happiness depends in large part on our ability to provide the right sippy cup, read the right story, and basically understand what he wants at all times without him having to explain himself. There are rules to this kingdom! Here are 7 ways my beloved little boy is like a dictator …

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7 Ways My Toddler Rules The House

He will only eat certain foods

We introduce our kid to a bunch of veggies and textures, but cereal, Kraft, and sliced cheese still rule the kitchen at the demand of our tiny tot.

Tell me in the comments: How is your toddler like a dictator?

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0 thoughts on “King of the Castle: 7 Ways My Toddler is a Dictator

  1. Carol Levine says:

    he is 6 but think he rules the roost….and he is my grandson…and since the birth of his sister has made it even worse…she thinks she is the princess….

  2. Mommaexpat says:

    Clearly EVERY Dunkin Donuts trip requires 3 glazed Munchkins. Everything is his, as in “MINE.” And when I ask him to do something, the automatic answer is, “No.” (Duh)

  3. Lacey says:

    Yep. Yep. & yep. It’s amazing how “controlling” such a tiny person can be.

  4. Babs says:

    Our daughter was the dinner dictator. Then a little something called CHRISTMAS and SANTA came along. Now she eats/tries everything because she promised Santa and Santa is always watching. My husband hates that I plan to use this to my full advantage until she’s happily eating everything I put on the table but raising a toddler’s a dirty job and I don’t like to lose.

  5. sharon tinsley says:

    Practice saying No. he wants to go out, fine open door set him on other side of theshold and shut door.(dont lock). when he is grown you will want to look back and smile. the bumps in the road are tough, Just dont let him see your tears. they will come when you have to force yourself to make him behave. look forward to the smiles of the future.My sons were 13&14 when our daughter was born. even their friends spoiled. I held on to what the Ped.Dr. told me on day one..Allow her to join the family, dont make the family join her.Its not easy but you deserve those smiles. I carried my 6yr old grandson under one arm like bag of dog food out of Walmart.Sat on a bench and held just firmly enough so he couldnt get away. he screamed.kicked etc etc. People stared a lot. when his mom finished shopping in peace we went home. I told him first thing I would do it, then never said another word except ‘Lets go’ He 13 now.I get a lot of ‘he so polite’ ended up with bruised shins (he doesnt know that part) I love to smile about him.

  6. CDN Mummy says:

    It sounds like your toddler needs a nap. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Too funny!

  7. Kimmie says:

    Levi is the same way. Gone are the days where my friends could come up and we’d drink wine until the wee hours of the morning; I now politely say, “Whoever wakes up Monkey will have to stay up with him!” when they come over ;) He is definitely two years old…

  8. Sweetpea says:

    wow. I have two toddlers, and we have had our share of ‘wars’, but Mommy always wins. Why? Cuz I’m the grown up. the little princes don’t care to watch Clean House? Then go play with your royal blocks, cuz the Queen DOES.

  9. Tracy says:

    Abby is the same way. She through a major tantrum this morning over her cup and if it had a lid on it and what color she wanted and what she wanted to drink. And with a stomach bug still in her body, there was no way I was going to give in and give her milk. A splash of juice added to water calmed her, though of course she thought it was all juice. You’ve got to figure out some trickery,you know.

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