Last Minute Shopping at Target on Christmas Eve


last minuteOkay, so this Christmas – we can just say it won’t be one for the record books. To be quite honest, ever since I gave up on trying to make this the PERFECT Christmas season, I have been enjoying it more. Well, that was until Christmas eve. We were wrapping up our Christmas Eve traditions and I was going thru the gifts making sure all was in order.


I totally flaked out on buying anything for the toddlers stockings, and somehow in my “oh we already have SOME version of that” mindset – we had just a few gifts wrapped for the toddlers. That’s right. I had bought the majority for the older kid. Now take it, I know the toddlers won’t give a damn. They won’t know, yeah yeah yeah – it’s called MOM GUILT. PLUS, somewhere in our recent move (we moved 3 weeks ago), I lost my nephew’s gift. So great.  What else to do but head to Target on Christmas eve right before they close. This should be humorous right? It was. And I have pictures to prove it.

Target Before Closing on Christmas Eve

  • Super Target to the Rescue 1 of 7
    Super Target to the Rescue
    Super Target closed at 9 pm on Christmas Eve. It was right at 8 pm when I walked in.
  • Last Minute Sales 2 of 7
    Last Minute Sales
    Last minute sales more like last minute pulling your hair out!
  • Stocking Stuffers 3 of 7
    Stocking Stuffers
    The dollar spot was well picked over.
  • Toy Aisles 4 of 7
    Toy Aisles
    The toy aisles were chaos. I should of gotten video of the dad doing last minute shopping for what looks like all of his Christmas.
  • MEN! 5 of 7
    Hey, I was totally last minute, but uhmm I will state about 75% of the customers were men last minutes Christmas shopping.
  • I’m Outta Here 6 of 7
    I'm Outta Here
    I got my goods and i'm going home.
  • Parking Lot Insanity 7 of 7
    Parking Lot Insanity
    This car nearly hit me. I walked out at 8:58. There were 5 people RUNNING in as I loaded up the car.

It was definitely an experience, but am totally thankful Target stayed open at least until 9 pm on Christmas eve. If you have a sense of humor, people watching on Christmas eve at a retail store is a must!

Hoping Your Christmas was Merry!

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