Last Minute Travel With A Toddler

Looks like we’re hopping on a plane tomorrow!

After the long flight home from Connecticut in November, I exhaled as we hit the ground back in Seattle, knowing we wouldn’t be flying again until March. We traveled a lot with Cullen during his first year, but as he gets older and more mobile, each trip is a little more complicated. As much as I love traveling and visiting with friends and family, I was sort of looking forward to a nice long break. But unexpectedly, that break is over!

Yesterday, we got the sad news that my husband’s grandmother had passed away. We spent a bulk of yesterday online and on the phone, searching for last minute flights. We’re heading to Indiana tomorrow, and I’m spending the majority of today prepping and planning for last minute travel with a toddler. It shouldn’t be that complicated right?

Cullen is the first grandchild on my husband’s side of the family, so he’s paving the way for all the little feet that will come behind him. We’ll be there for almost a week, and my mind is spinning trying to think of what types of things we might need at my inlaws’ house. While I know we could survive without it, we’re planning to get a small high chair (just the type that straps onto a dining chair) in order to make meals easier. We’ll be traveling to their house plenty for many years to come, and there is already another baby on the way (not mine, but in the family), so I know these things will get good use. I’m also hoping to make a run to Target or Babies R Us and pick up some toys. Since he’s first, there has never been a need before, but I know he won’t be entertained by measuring cups and mixing bowls for an entire week.

The other thing that is freaking me out? Travel germs! I feel like the flu is everywhere right now, and I’ve been working so hard to avoid overly germy situations with Cullen. I’ve never been a germaphobe in the past, but I can’t help myself this time. I’m wiping his hands after every trip into a store, park, or restaurant, and I’m making sure his fingers stay out of his mouth as much as possible. So far, it has worked (knocking on wood), and we’ve all stayed healthy this season minus a few running noses here and there.

The travel piece is a little stressful, but I’m glad we will be there for such an important time with the family. And the silver lining is that we’ll be able to see so many people we haven’t seen in far too long. And obviously, I’m here talking about travel with a toddler because this is a parenting blog, but the biggest  thing on our minds this week is celebrating and remembering a wonderful woman who will be very missed. I’m glad we’ll be able to be there, no matter what it takes!

Wish us luck!