Letting Your Kid Plug in Without Tuning Out

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Using Technology With Our Children

I still remember when we got internet for the first time. It was AOL dial up and soooo incredibly slow and it was when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. High school people. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was a junior…in COLLEGE. I remember hardly ever using it back then and it definitely didn’t have any fancy features. My how times have changed. While my childhood wasn’t one that was completely devoid of technology, I definitely wasn’t as inundated with it as kids are today (Also, I’m pretty sure I just aged myself at least 50 years by using the phrase “kids today”).

Technology is and will continue to be a big part of our children’s lives as they grow up. From television to the internet, from video games to learning tablets – it’s everywhere. My daughter isn’t quite 2 yet, but sometimes I imagine her as an 8 year old in this technology-saturated world, camped out in front of a computer screen and totally checked out from family life. Sometimes it makes me want to shield her from technology forever. But, that’s not much of a solution. Technology is a positive thing and, when used with boundaries, it can be great for everyone.

Today, I’m talking about how we use technology with our daughter in a way that is positive and fun for our whole family – and maybe it will give you some ideas for using technology with your little ones, as well!

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