Little Bean's Weekend Adventures

I have a long standing tradition on my Weight Loss/Healthy Living Blog to post Sensational Sundays. It all started as a way to prepare for the week after an overindulgent weekend (while I was trying to lose weight). However, the posts morphed over the years to be a photo journal of how I enjoy and active, fun Sunday with the family.

Now, starting Friday night, I begin to keep my camera in arms reach to snap the fun moments I want to share. With Little Bean growing into toddler hood there seems to be more and more fun memories to capture.

Here’s the best of LIttle Bean from this weekend…

  • A Lesson From Big Brother 1 of 24
    A Lesson From Big Brother
    I believe my oldest was telling him he's too you to go outside by himself and when he does he should stay in the backyard to be safe. Since I conceived, my oldest has been very protective of Little Bean. It's cute.
  • A Rocking Horse Ride 2 of 24
    A Rocking Horse Ride
    He got this horse from Grandma for Christmas and is finally getting big enough to enjoy it.
  • So Is Big Brother 3 of 24
    So Is Big Brother
    Little Bean watching him from the high chair cracks me up!
  • ‘What is He Doing?’ 4 of 24
    'What is He Doing?'
    Yet again Big Brother "showing" Little Bean how to use the walker by running around the ottoman like a crazy person.
  • Daddy and Me 5 of 24
    Daddy and Me
    We were getting ready to go to Big Brother's baseball practice. He looks so cute but the hat lasts 10 seconds on his head before he rips it off.
  • Walking at the Park 6 of 24
    Walking at the Park
    I know I shouldn't say this, but I can't wait until he can do this on his own. My back is killing me!
  • Crawling in the Grass 7 of 24
    Crawling in the Grass
    This wouldn't have happened a month ago. The first time I put him in the grass he screamed for 10 minutes. Thankfully he got used to the funny dry texture.
  • Swing Love 8 of 24
    Swing Love
    He's all smiles in the baby swing. It's one of my favorites too.
  • Drool Stream 9 of 24
    Drool Stream
    It's constant.
  • Swing Giggles 10 of 24
    Swing Giggles
    I told you. He REALLY likes it.
  • Brothers on the Slide 11 of 24
    Brothers on the Slide
    I love when I can get shots of them together.
  • Slide Time 12 of 24
    Slide Time
    He'd close his eyes, grab the top of his shoes, and giggle at the bottom. It was precious.
  • Carnival Snack 13 of 24
    Carnival Snack
    We walked around the town carnival Saturday night. I often wonder what the view is like form the carriage.
  • Pushing the Stroller 14 of 24
    Pushing the Stroller
    This is how Big Brother learned to walk too.
  • Waffle Time 15 of 24
    Waffle Time
    He loves my homemade waffles. Especially when Big Brother's tickling him.
  • Hiking Time! 16 of 24
    Hiking Time!
    We have some trails close to the house. It's nice.
  • Snack Time 17 of 24
    Snack Time
    We walked about a mile and then stopped to have lunch.
  • Watching Big Brother 18 of 24
    Watching Big Brother
    We found a shallow part of the river.
  • Walking Back 19 of 24
    Walking Back
    He looked right at the camera when I aimed it backwards.
  • Collapse on Daddy 20 of 24
    Collapse on Daddy
    The hike took everything out him. It was nap time!
  • Deck Play 21 of 24
    Deck Play
    He LOVES cars already.
  • Standing on the Deck 22 of 24
    Standing on the Deck
    We have the old water and sand table that's perfect for him right now. He can pull up and play and get down on his own.
  • Dinner Time! 23 of 24
    Dinner Time!
    The boy LOVES Brussels sprouts. It's hysterical. He still hasn't warmed up to the texture of ground beef but he tried it!
  • The Conversationalist 24 of 24
    The Conversationalist
    "Well, that was my weekend. How was yours?" :)

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